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Welcome on my Tumblr. I'm a french girl, full of love, dreams and hope, almost 30 years old. I live in the South of France, near the mediterranean sea, between joy and happiness.
This blog is about things I like : music, poetry, art.... also some TV Shows (Homeland, X Files, Arrow, House of Cards, Top of The Lake, Rectify...).

This blog used to be only about Homeland (Showtime) and the beautiful love between Carrie and Brody. A real, strong, poetic, impossible, tragic and wonderful relationship, as love should be, as love must be.
But since the season 3 finale, I can't follow the serie anymore. Homeland is over for me even if I continue to reblog some stuff about the serie...
Thanks to all my followers.

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the new (and apparently final) Interstellar trailer.

this is going to be so intense. i am so excited.

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When the last light warms the rocks and rattlesnakes unfold,
Mountain cats will come to drag away your bones.

Fangirl challenge

[1/5] opening credits -> True Detective

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Carrie has to come to terms with Brody’s loss. It’s very difficult being in the same space with her child. It evoks Brody.

1.07 || 1.08

In what universe can you redeem one murder by committing another?
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new homeland promo "everybody wants to rule the world"

Asker kalbi71 Asks:
Hi all! it seems pretty sure that Damian Lewis is right now in Capetown. Any comments or other news on your side? thank u!
carrieandbrody carrieandbrody Said:



I know, right? He got there last Sunday. Kinda a weird timing after Alex Gansa said So I don’t think you are going to see Brody (this season)” just two weeks ago.

I don’t have confirmation that he’s been on set, but I would say he’s there for a cameo appearance in this season.

None of his current works (films or TV) would be filmed there and none of his business sponsors need him there (to do promotion or shoot a commercial). Since his wife Helen Mcrrory is still in London now, the possibility of him taking a personal trip to South Africa is very slim. And Damian is scheduled to perform a literary reading next month in UK, so this Capetown thing is surely short-term.

I would be expecting Brody to pop up in the later half of season 4. But that’s just me. As for the Gansa comment, pretty sure it’s a ruse.

[P.S. If more convincing evidence surfaces, I will totally change my mind.


rust cohle in every episode » 1x01 the long bright dark

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