Who Goes There

" What happened to my head is not something that gets better

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Matthew McConaughey in True Detective was fucking brilliant. The show itself is genius but his interpretation of Rust Cohle was absolutely astonishing.

between fool and heartache / a mix for rust cohle and the world of ‘true detective’ / by margo-eve
// wayfaring stranger - 16 horsepower // where there’s woman - captain beefheart // freedom hangs like heaven - iron & wine // death don’t have no mercy - rev. gary davis // way down in the hole - tom waits // so far from your weapon - the dead weather // hate the taste - black rebel motorcycle club // killing time is murder - whitehorse // i appear missing - queens of the stone age //

The Taxman

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Nick… I want you and Daisy to come over to my house. I’d like to show her around.

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