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Welcome on my Tumblr. I'm a french girl, full of love, dreams and hope, almost 30 years old. I live in the South of France, near the mediterranean sea, between joy and happiness.
This blog is about things I like : music, poetry, art.... also some TV Shows (Homeland, X Files, Arrow, House of Cards, Top of The Lake, Rectify...).

This blog used to be only about Homeland (Showtime) and the beautiful love between Carrie and Brody. A real, strong, poetic, impossible, tragic and wonderful relationship, as love should be, as love must be.
But since the season 3 finale, I can't follow the serie anymore. Homeland is over for me even if I continue to reblog some stuff about the serie...
Thanks to all my followers.

Enjoy :)


 David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson

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You made me feel, Tawney.

Really feel, you know?

For the first time in a long time.

We can’t be together
Is there a God Daniel?
           I want to dance with you, will you dance with me D a n i e l ?

I’ve lived in this world for some time Amantha and one thing I’ve learnt it’s not fair and it i’s not just. The world is absurd.

Any thoughts on Rectify’s season finale next thursday ? I’m really afraid… Really, considering the plea deal or Ted Jr’s futur behavior ?

I need some speculations because I’m really nervous now…

It’s a misalignment of synaptic receptors and triggers… alkalis, colors, and certain metallics. It’s a type of hypersensitivity. One sense triggers another sense. Sometimes I’ll see a color and it’ll put a taste in my mouth. A touch, a texture, a scent may put a note in my head.”

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top 5 rust cohle pictures
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that is an incredibly unfair question



If you ask me,the light’s winning.

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[1/7] Heartbreaking moments -> Rust’s monologue (True Detective)

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