Life is a flat circle

Welcome on my Tumblr. I'm a french girl, full of love, dreams and hope, almost 30 years old. I live in the South of France, near the mediterranean sea, between joy and happiness.
This blog is about things I like : music, poetry, art.... also some TV Shows (Homeland, X Files, Arrow, House of Cards, Top of The Lake, Rectify...).

This blog used to be only about Homeland (Showtime) and the beautiful love between Carrie and Brody. A real, strong, poetic, impossible, tragic and wonderful relationship, as love should be, as love must be.
But since the season 3 finale, I can't follow the serie anymore. Homeland is over for me even if I continue to reblog some stuff about the serie...
Thanks to all my followers.

Enjoy :)


Matthew McConaughey for GQ November 2014 [x]

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I miss them so much (right, even, Dana…)

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Matthew McConaughey On the November Cover of GQ


Matthew McConaughey On the November Cover of GQ

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Imagine that one day the whole world would look like this.

Nature conquers


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Claire Danes has a Cookie Diagram in Sesame Street (X)

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The Moon sets behind the temple of Poseidon at Sounio 

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And yet, and yet. As we wallow in this symphony of squalid social relations, this gorgeous apologia for the unspeakable, we can still find ourselves swept up in the power of epic movie-making. We can cheer as Scarlett dances the Virginia reel and builds her lumber business from a foundation of pure grit, vowing that, like her, we will never be hungry for anything again—all the while glorying in the most magnificent fact of all, far more thrilling than Tara (with or without its curtains): Her side lost. (X)

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“Here’s proof that love is alive and well in Hollywood - at least for my darling husband and my husbands darling husband.” - Jennifer Garner.

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