Well, life is full of disappointments.


Well, life is full of disappointments.

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True Detective (2014)

Episode 6 / Haunted Houses

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Damian Lewis in London today (23rd of April), the Guildhall Library’s Complete Reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets event

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I missed something once before. I won’t… I can’t let that happen again.
It was ten years ago. Everyone missed something that day.
Everyone’s not me.

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"You attach an assumption to a piece of evidence, you start to bend the narrative to support it."

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You’re an amazing person, Carrie Mathison. Amazing.

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Yeah, fuck this. Fuck this world, man.

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I shouldn’t even fucking be here, Marty.

There was a moment. I know when I was under in the dark that something… Whatever I’d been reduced to, you know, not even consciousness, it was a vague awareness in the dark and I could feel my definitions fading. And beneath that darkness, there was another kind, it was deeper, warm, you know, like a substance. I could feel, man, and I knew, I knew my daughter waited for me there. So clear. I could feel her. I could feel a piece of my pop too, it was like I was a part of everything that I ever loved and we were all, the 3 of us, just fading out. And all I had to do was let go, and I did. I said “Darkness, yeah, yeah.”. And I disappeared. But I could still feel her love there, even more than before. Nothing, there was nothing but that love.

Then I woke up.

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